Deepening the Startup Ecosystem

The innovative startup ecosystem of Vietnam aims for a development characterized by inheritance, connectivity, and the dissemination of values, lessons, and technologies.

This is one of the key objectives of the Vietnam Startup Awards, a recently organized national program that honors the startup ecosystem.

Mr. Pham Van Thu, Head of the Innovative Technology Park Development Village, shared: The Vietnam Startup Awards, in collaboration with the national creative startup competition Techfest 2023, aims to honor 15 categories for startups, individuals, organizations, incubation programs, accelerators, etc., that have made positive contributions to the startup ecosystem and the overall entrepreneurial development of the country.

This initiative stems from the Innovative Technology Park Development Village, which is connected to over 30 technology villages in Techfest, as well as various associations and centers related to promoting science, technology, and innovation startups.

The program seeks to promote the entrepreneurial, creative, and technological innovation spirit, enhancing the competitiveness of Vietnamese businesses in the context of international integration.

According to Mr. Pham Van Thu, the current startup ecosystem in Vietnam is expanding widely. There are numerous startup competitions in universities, incubation programs, and accelerators that have been organized. However, the connectivity and inheritance aspects have not been strongly established yet.

Therefore, it is time to develop the startup ecosystem in-depth, based on inheritance, connectivity, and collectively transmitting the values, lessons, knowledge, and technologies developed to the next generation in order to create deeper value. Building upon this foundation, strengthening resources, and expanding entrepreneurial and innovative activities globally.

Visitors experience the national innovation platform 247Innovationpark.com

The program aspires to focus the startup and innovation ecosystem on a national platform: the 247InnovationPark proposed by the Innovative Technology Park Development Village. This includes the development of the Startups.edu.vn entrepreneurial education model and the Vietnam Startup Awards recognition program. These platforms and models will gather initiatives, knowledge, and scientific and technological contributions to jointly address significant challenges faced by the government, businesses, and society, fostering innovation, openness, and deep development.

As the startup ecosystem develops both in breadth and depth, supported by a solid foundation, individuals and entities will have easier access to international resources and knowledge exchange. Mr. Pham Van Thu mentioned the current reality of many overseas intellectuals and experts who have the desire to contribute to startup and innovation processes in Vietnam. This intellectual group needs a platform, a program to connect and integrate international resources into the ecosystem. The "Vietnam Startup Awards" serves as a trustworthy and effective "bridge" and destination, emphasized by Mr. Pham Van Thu.

Nominations for the Vietnam Startup Awards 2023 will be accepted until September 1, 2023, and the awards will be presented during the Techfest 2023 Entrepreneurship and Innovation Festival.

Source translated from business forum newspaper