The connection between a business's operations and the digital environment is an essential part of any modern enterprise. We provide consulting services to help our clients keep up with the current global trends by maximizing the benefits of big data and digitization along with their core products and processes. Our digital team offers customer data analysis, segmentation and pricing, strategic and digital transformation services, requirements analysis and evaluation, comprehensive journey redesign, user interface design, wireframing, web and mobile development, testing, deployment, and support.

Our strategic services include:


We advise clients on how to transform their organization and processes using digital technologies. Together with them, we analyze their current and potential customers and help them apply existing or new products and services to meet future realities. We assist them in implementing the most effective customized digital marketing strategies, including digital campaigns, content marketing, and social media strategies to increase online revenue.

Digital strategy and transformation services:

  • Digital readiness assessment

  • Digital strategy design

  • Digital transformation

  • Digital marketing

  • Comprehensive customer journey redesign

  • Design thinking

  • Innovation management

  • Lean/IT project optimization

  • Multichannel strategy

  • Digital reversal

  • One-to-one marketing

  • Process automation robotics


To understand end-user needs, we often start our work with behavioral research and discussions. We believe that understanding user journey and designing user experiences is crucial to prevent complex usage issues and costly project changes in the future. We build custom software for companies of any scale, ensuring smooth integration with existing environments. Our web development team provides superior web and mobile system performance and scalability compared to the average. We work with technologies like PHP, .NET, AngularJS, iOS, Android, React, and many others.

Our UX/UI, web, and mobile development services include:

  • Behavioral research and discussions

  • User journey mapping

  • Interactive prototype development

  • UI/UX design

  • Responsive design

  • Custom software development

  • Back-end development

  • Front-end development

  • iOS development

  • Android development

  • App and data integration

  • Quality assurance (QA)


We help companies identify internal data gaps, support business decisions, and achieve practical results by putting data in the hands of the business. Our service focuses on enhancing customized benefits for customers, increasing customer loyalty and retention, enhancing operational efficiency, and other goals. With data at the heart of decision-making, we help identify, structure, and derive insights from various available data sources.

Our customer data analysis, segmentation, and pricing services include:

  • Data quality check

  • Database cleansing

  • Business intelligence dashboards and reports

  • Customer segmentation and profiling

  • Creating incentives and optimizing pricing for specific customers

  • Designing and implementing loyalty programs

  • Calculating returns from various campaigns or media

  • Linking external market data with internal business information

  • Visualizing data and generating meaningful insights

  • Real-time reporting systems development

  • KPI-related reporting development


We support companies in transforming data into real-time reporting tools, developing insightful and easily comprehensible dashboards tailored to clients' needs, and providing solutions to aid in decision-making. We assist in designing pricing mechanisms and delivering products tailored to industries, countries, and target audiences. Throughout this process, we utilize various data sources to create optimal strategies for specific cases, including innovative solutions like real-time customer positioning.

Pricing and data-driven targeting:

  • Product/service pricing

  • Identifying and developing products/services

  • Customized product/service targeting methods

  • Marketing campaign effectiveness evaluation

  • Developing and implementing promotion campaigns

Our Approach:

A typical digital project starts with digitization/data analysis and analyzing the current user journey and comprehensive interface. We have all the experience, knowledge, and necessary infrastructure to quickly and efficiently analyze data and create effective data charts. After analysis is complete, we provide a proposed list of improvements and detailed enhancements, forming a digital transformation strategy. We deploy our proposals and design and develop mobile and web projects with our dedicated design and development team, or we oversee the deployment by the client's team.

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