We create custom-made software solutions using web-based technologies. Our approach allows us to coordinate developer efforts through our experienced project managers, or to work directly with your in-house team. We build things to last, carefully weighing our choices so that our code remains maintainable and adaptable for years to come.

.NET, Node.js, Symfony, Laravel, Java
Matching you with senior developers proficient in .NET, Java, PHP, and Node.js
Ensuring seamless code delivery and deployment
Deployment to various cloud services or dedicated servers
Client data security and codebase maintainability

ReactJS, TypeScript, GraphQL
Custom web-based app development
UI construction using React with TypeScript
Seamless integration with any back-end system, from GraphQL to traditional REST API

Team on demand
Assembling a dedicated team for projects of any duration
Recruiting employees or forming a team from our existing talent pool
Bolstering and training existing teams

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