We are experts in creating outstanding unique mobile apps for your business: from complex AI, contemporary AR solutions to casual business apps. Our team of highly skilled mobile developers boasts a stellar track record of successful projects and in-depth knowledge of the latest mobile standards. Ambitious goals for mobile? Tell us about them, and we’ll help you program them into reality.

iOS + Android development

iOS, Swift development

Android, Kotlin development

RX, Swift UI framework support

Jetpack Compose support

Cross platform development

React Native development

Mix of reactnative and native code

AR, XR, ML and wearables

Augmented reality solutions

Apple WatchOS apps

HealthKit integrations

On-device machine learning and computer vision

MotionKit solutions

Launch and post-launch

Conducting internal and external testing using TestFlight

Assisting with app store submissions and mitigating lengthy review times

Ensuring app updates seamlessly align with new OS versions

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