We support startups, businesses, and governments in assessing their environmental and social impact in a measurable and practical way. We assist them in identifying and developing strategies and policies to accelerate their transition, design and develop internal innovation capabilities, or provide innovation support through programs and accelerators. Our team of experts can also aid in sourcing the most suitable funding for your transformation objectives.

Our services include:


We support our clients – private companies and public organizations – in their fundamental transition to more sustainable practices. Sustainable development looks into three main aspects within the organization that align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals – social, environmental, and economic. We tailor the change trajectory according to the developmental phase, sector, and maturity in sustainability to ensure customized support. As a result, sustainability will become an integral part of all your operations throughout the lifecycle, contributing significantly to employee satisfaction, customer loyalty, cost optimization, and environmental friendliness.

Our services for sustainable development within organizations include:

  • Sustainability diagnosis: Assessing the organization's sustainability effectiveness and building a development strategy and roadmap.

  • Business model design: Supporting the development of a sustainable business model aligned with the organization's requirements and objectives.

  • Organizational transition support: Assisting in the organizational transition process to implement sustainable practices.

  • Sustainability investment assessment and ESG check: Evaluating the sustainability level of investments and conducting independent environmental, social, and governance (ESG) checks.

  • Design of green products and services: Assisting in designing products and services that meet sustainable and environmentally friendly standards.


We establish databases and data-driven pathways to develop sustainable strategies, activities, and reports for transitioning to low-carbon practices. Leveraging renewable resources, energy sources, and optimizing supply chains can lead to prompt action and risk mitigation. We provide comprehensive support for you to measure the environmental and social impact of your organization, products, and services over their lifecycles. This includes calculating social and environmental risks in financial terms and predicting future prospects for carbon reduction or demand for green products and services.

Our impact measurement services encompass:

  • Carbon emissions analysis: Assessing the organization's carbon emissions.

  • Product lifecycle assessment: Evaluating the environmental and social impact of a product throughout its lifecycle.

  • Environmental and social impact assessment: Evaluating environmental and social impacts.

  • Pathways to carbon neutrality: Outlining pathways to achieve carbon neutrality.

  • Research on emerging new business models: Researching emerging new business models in sustainability.

  • Identifying added value for green products and services: Identifying added value for green products and services.

  • Collecting and analyzing data relevant to sustainability reporting.


We offer a range of innovation support services in the sustainability field to meet the needs of companies at various development stages, from startups to market-leading corporations. We assist mature companies in developing advanced innovative business services by planning and developing internal areas for sustainable innovation, acting as change drivers from within. We support small businesses and startups through programs and accelerators, providing tools to focus on developing a sustainable business model. Our team of experts guides you in developing or reviewing your current business model and replacing it with a flexible, sustainable, and responsive version to adapt to new challenges. Finally, we can assist you in finding and leveraging suitable funding opportunities for your transformation objectives.

Our innovation support services include:

  • Sustainable funding: Assisting in sourcing funding for sustainable projects.

  • Innovation funds: Assisting in accessing innovation funds.

  • EIC Accelerator program: Supporting participation in the EIC Accelerator program.

  • Life program: Supporting participation in the Life program.

  • Horizon Europe calls: Supporting participation in Horizon Europe calls.

  • National funding opportunities.

  • Additionally, we offer programs and accelerators for SMEs and startups to promote sustainable innovation:

  • Challenger Accelerator: A sustainable innovation accelerator program for startups and SMEs.

  • EBRD Climate Innovation Voucher program: EBRD's sustainable innovation support program.

  • Sustainable business innovation support (digital transformation, hackathons).

  1. Research and Policy

We collaborate with policy decision-making bodies at urban, national, and supranational levels to achieve environmental and social sustainability goals. Common policy decision challenges include maintaining a sustainability vision while navigating through complex current issues and the conflicting interests of stakeholder groups. We aid by providing policy-related research, either as independent studies or policy evaluations. Subsequently, we provide policy recommendations to help transition from recommendations to actionable steps.

Our research and policy services include:

  • Climate change adaptation policies, environmental issues, and socio-economic transition policies.

  • Research, strategies, and policies for circular economy.

  • Sustainable transportation systems and infrastructure.

  • Environmental Management Plans.

  • Green city strategies.

  • Research, strategies, and policies for labor, employment, and migration.

  • Research, strategies, and policies for gender equality and political empowerment.

How We Operate

The project implementation approach primarily depends on the development phase, scale, and goals of the company. The path to Sustainability within an Organization begins with data-driven analysis, which forms the basis for developing your sustainable strategy and roadmap. To aid your practical implementation, we support you in developing a business model, assessing the sustainability of investments, reviewing supply chain operations, and applying circular economy principles to product and service design.

With Impact Measurement, we conduct organization-level analysis to measure your environmental or social impact, including process mapping, data collection, building and refining analytical models. We understand the results and develop proposals to address identified pain points, adhering to international standards applicable to this field, such as ISO 14044 and ISO 14040, PAS 2050, or EN 15804+A2 for EPDs.

In the Innovation Support domain, we design and coordinate the deployment of internal innovation services to create sustainable long-term practices in existing processes and products. For small businesses and startups, we provide innovation support through sustainable programs and accelerators, either representing clients or collaborating with our partners (e.g., Challenger Accelerator). If you're looking for funding, we help you select optimal financial options and prepare funding applications.

Research and Policy focus on issuing policy recommendations, a crucial foundation for

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