We provide support to clients from established companies, governments, and start-ups through strategic consulting services to help them make significant changes in their businesses, organizations, and societies. Our teams collaborate with clients in strategic and business planning, new business models, marketing strategies, organizational mindset shifts, and driving organizational transformation. In our work, we offer best practices and experience drawn from various projects across multiple countries and industries.

Our strategic services include:


We work alongside client teams to develop strategic business plans, including performance analysis, market opportunity assessment, competitive analysis, vision creation, and action planning. We lead the development of business plans or facilitate the strategic planning process by conducting strategy sessions and guiding clients through the strategic planning process to achieve maximum impact.

Services under strategy consulting:

  • Corporate or subsidiary business strategy

  • Industry strategy or public policy

  • Preparation of strategic documents

  • Support for strategic sessions

  • Identification of alternative options

  • Determining valuation criteria

  • Assessment of alternative projects

  • Development of implementation plans

  • Comprehensive acquisition target evaluation

  • Commercial deal assessment


Through providing attractive market assessment services, we assist companies in evaluating new market entry opportunities domestically and internationally. We develop the best market access strategies for existing and new products and services. We offer comprehensive support for businesses entering domestic markets or different geographical areas where we have conducted projects and have regional coverage partners.

Market entry services include:

  • Identifying suitable markets for entry

  • Developing new market entry strategies (including method definition and business case calculation)

  • Organizing market visits and field research

  • Testing product viability in export markets

  • Developing partnerships and sharing contacts in foreign markets


Organization and corporate culture are crucial factors influencing success in the market. To better support client business development, our strategic services encompass revamping business units, post-merger integration, establishing shared services for improved and swift service provision at lower costs, designing new organizational structures to align with new business strategies and needs, improving performance, developing objective performance metrics, incentivizing management through dynamic models.

Organization and culture services include:

  • Identifying alternative organizational structures

  • Allocating tasks and responsibilities among business units

  • Assistance in functional concentration decisions

  • Developing job descriptions

  • Developing strategic performance metrics (e.g., Balanced Scorecard-based)

  • Determining monitoring systems for each employee

  • Linking performance metrics with compensation systems

  • Designing reporting packages

  • Drawing process maps and optimizing them

  • Drawing SIPOC process diagrams\

  • Developing organizational process model frameworks

  • Assisting in process map drawing sessions

  • Process modeling using BPMN 2.0

  • Documenting minor improvements ("quick wins")


Change management is necessary in scenarios such as declining performance due to crises, technological breakthroughs in the industry, increased competition, shifting consumer preferences, mergers and acquisitions, organizational reform, and other reasons. We support governments and private organizations in implementing change by identifying core issues, creating and deploying reform plans.

Change management services include:

  • Project plan establishment

  • Developing employee training plans

  • Capability development programs

  • Comprehensive cost reduction programs

  • Evaluating core business functions (using LEAN, Six-Sigma methodologies)

  • Optimizing procurement

  • Reforming and focusing support functions

Our Approach

A typical strategic project consists of several phases, including analysis, solution design, planning, and implementation. Such projects often start with a thorough analysis of current operations and performance metrics and progress to identifying both internal and external opportunities, adapting to rapidly changing market environments, setting goals and priorities, developing business plans, and providing support throughout the implementation process.

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