In a rapidly changing world, those who don't innovate will be left behind. We continuously monitor the global innovation efforts of entrepreneurs and corporations, enabling us to bring the best practices to startups and build ecosystems. We provide innovation consulting services for startups to help them grow and expand, for universities to connect research with business and support research commercialization and development, for corporations to infuse innovation into their organizations, and for governments to build national and global innovation communities and ecosystems.

Our services encompass:


Large companies and organizations sometimes lag in adapting to new market trends. We assist organizations in infusing innovation into their core business and maintaining a competitive edge against startups, or even partnering with them. We support both public and private clients in organizing creative thinking sessions, building prototypes and testing client ideas and needs, establishing innovation centers and ecosystems on a national and international scale, creating and participating in startup communities, and establishing self-sustaining risk capital agencies.

Services for corporations:

  • Detailed analysis of technological, business, investment trends, and other trends

  • Assessment of innovation capabilities

  • Development of innovation resolutions

  • Creating innovation alerts to identify current and future trends

  • Supporting creativity, ideation, and development

  • Building a culture of innovative enterprise, processes, and project development

  • Developing informal, innovative startup community environments

  • Creating dedicated risk capital agencies and full engagement in the startup ecosystem, scouting, selecting, and managing startups that align with corporate needs

  • Identifying digitization opportunities

  • Crafting a digital transformation journey

  • Conducting workshops and innovation contests

  • Finding startups compatible with the business model


Expanding to new markets, relocating, securing funding, and shaping business direction require practical understanding of business environments and market conditions. We offer various consulting services for startups, including business model development, investment attraction strategies, new market expansion strategies, pricing strategies, financial models, business plans, and other services.

Services to support startups and research commercialization include establishing technology transfer offices at universities, organizing training programs for technology transfer and business development researchers, and arranging events for researchers and business encounters.

Services for startups and research commercialization:

  • Business development and guidance

  • Preparation for early-stage fundraising and investor relations

  • Support for rapid growth: operational management

  • Securing public funding for research and development

  • Attracting government support for innovative idea commercialization

  • Participating in international showcasing and introductions

  • Enhancing fundraising readiness

  • Business plan development

  • Creating investor presentation decks

  • Developing and validating business models

  • Formulating commercialization strategies

  • Market research and identifying target markets and segments


Developing support services for startup groups through acceleration and growth programs. Investment, development, and international connections of startup support ecosystem stakeholders, such as technology parks, venture capital networks, science parks, and business support agencies. We also aid companies and public and private organizations in building innovation ecosystems at national and international scales.

Ecosystem development services focus on:

  • Creating and deploying startup development programs

  • Inspiration and team formation: lectures, innovation contests

  • Acceleration phase: working with young teams

  • Growth phase: team development

  • Designing, strategizing, and deploying digital startup ecosystems

  • Supporting the risk capital community

  • Creating and managing mentor networks

  • Supporting the creation and development of innovation (digital) centers and research and development centers

  • International support services for centers, risk capital networks, and other innovation support providers


Successful innovation ecosystems have thrived due to strong government engagement and leadership (such as in Silicon Valley, Israel, China, etc.), where governments have assumed risk, developed policies, and invested in fundamental knowledge, research, technology, and companies.

We provide strategic and policy analysis of innovation policies at regional, national, and large-scale levels. Innovation policy research compares different countries and their innovation systems (participants, policies, and strategies), interactions between policies and other policy makers (related ministries and centers within a nation), and develops intelligent specialization strategies and policy-related initiatives for implementing such processes.

Strategic and policy development services include:

  • Comparing innovation policies at the national level

  • Developing digitization roadmaps for countries

  • Developing strategies to connect digital innovation centers at regional and national levels

  • Evaluating policy combinations, including national strategies, plans, and policy tools in the startup, innovation, and digitization domains.

Our Approach

A typical consulting project in this domain begins with assessing the innovation potential of a company and in-depth discussions and information exchange with innovation experts, where they evaluate the state of a startup or organization and identify its needs. Then, an innovation expert team designs a solution and outlines strategic innovation priorities to address client needs.

The final stage of the project involves implementing the action plan along with the client team, monitoring progress, controlling intermediate results, and assisting the client in making decisions.

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