The key to achieving excellent results is the successful implementation of well-designed strategies and recommendations. However, even with clear instructions for implementing changes, the execution can be challenging, as all resources might be overwhelmed by current business operations or staff lacking experience in driving change and monitoring the implementation of initiatives.

Our services include:


It's often a challenge to deploy new processes or launch new projects across a company or its departments. Lack of internal resources and the desire to minimize project delivery risks are significant concerns for management. We assist companies in managing processes, acting as problem solvers and overseeing overall project management, taking on full project management and execution responsibilities. We support internal project teams in identifying task lists, milestones, project plans, setting up project management structures, monitoring progress, coordinating activities, executing projects, and meeting deadlines, budgets, and project quality expectations.

Services for Project Management Office (PMO):

  • Initiative chart creation

  • Project plan development

  • Stakeholder management mechanism and project management structure setup

  • KPI monitoring and initiative execution

  • Support for organizing project discussions and progress updates

  • Progress reporting to management

  • Risk planning and mitigation

  • Project transition management


We help companies identify and then improve existing processes and optimize operations. Typically, the method involves at least three stages: first, gaining deep insight into current processes and identifying pain points; second, through engaging relevant stakeholders, designing an alternative approach to address the issues; finally, deploying the solution and observing results, then adjusting the process to achieve maximum benefits.

Services for Audit and Development of Business Processes:

  • Audit of existing business processes

  • Mapping processes and touchpoints between departments and teams

  • Identifying pain points and bottlenecks

  • Developing new processes

  • Implementing processes through training for new processes for teams


Quickly deploying additional and temporary resources for companies often poses challenges. We can provide analysts and consultants with various skills and expertise to join internal teams and meet temporary resource needs, allowing maximum flexibility for the team. Our consultants can work remotely or on-site, fully integrating into the local team and providing comprehensive knowledge transfer to employees before the contract ends.

Temporary staffing support services for analyst roles:

  • Temporary expert analyst team

  • Individual analyst personnel for specific positions

  • Remote consulting and data analysis support

  • Outsourced data analysis

  • Temporary project implementation support


Companies in launch phases, expansion, or crises often require high-level leadership that isn't always available in the labor market. We provide a team of experienced experts and project managers for various roles, from sales and marketing to finance and technology. Our experts work on-site with clients, providing skill transfer, restructuring in emergencies, succession planning, and ultimately transitioning to being managed by the client's employees.

Temporary management and leadership support services:

  • Outsourced senior management

  • Outsourced team/project leaders

  • Outsourced crisis managers

  • Temporary replacement for a function/role

Our Approach

We create favorable conditions for execution and change by planning and driving the execution of major programs and filling temporary capacity and expertise gaps with on-site consultants and staff. We have worked on implementation projects in various industries and locations, helping our clients prevent errors, unexpected delays, cost overruns, and ensuring smooth project deployment and achievement of their main objectives.

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